Collect investment grade bullion coins and trade them digitally

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Digitising the Numismatic World

Our service acquires investment grade coins, produces a digitally signed record of the physical asset then attaches it to a non-fungible token on the Ethereum network

Learn about the ERC-721 standard here

Transfer digital ownership of your assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a distributed exchange.


Every coin is assigned to a unique smart contract and physically allocated within secure storage.


On request we burn the ERC-721 representation and send your physical coins via registered post

Take Delivery

Your physical coins are stored within private vaults and fully insured. A full asset audit is conducted annually and results published.

Secure Storage

We collect a flat rate fee of 1% per year on the market value of the coin.

Low Fees

Through the power of ERC-721 you can buy, sell and transfer the ownership of your physical assets, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Learn about non-fungible tokens here.

Non Fungible Token

For a small postage fee and following identity verification we can physically deliver your coins to you.


Using our Ethereum based Distributed App (DApp) makes it easy to use your ethereum balance to acquire your numismatic coins.

What is the Process?

1) Create your wallet

2) Purchase Ethereum from your local exchange

3) Deposit your committed Ethereum

4) Unique ERC-721 Numistoken Assigned

5) Owner assigned to your Wallet.

6) Physical Asset Identity Doc (PAID) registered for future audit.

Storage Fees

Once a month we collect a prorated 1% per annum storage fee.

Request Withdraw

We take ownership and permanently lock the digital contract and, after completing appropriate AML and KYC checks, post your physical asset directly to you via registered post.

2018 Pink Panther Pink Diamond 10oz Gold Bar

Pink Panther 2018 10oz Pink Gold Diamond Ingot

Royal Wedding 2018 1/4oz Gold Coin

Chinese Astrological Series 2018 Year of the Dog

Chinese Astrological Series 2018 1/5oz Gold Coin

Mini Roo 2018 0.5g Gold Coin

Mini Roo 2018 0.5g Gold Coin

"they represent an entirely new asset class and a quantum leap in how we quantify and interact with the world around us"

Jehan C

What are people saying about non-fungible tokens?

"There are many potential applications for this new functionality and it will undoubtedly be another game changer for the Ethereum blockchain"

Michael G

Our Suppliers

We rely on some key suppliers to deliver Numistoken assets.

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